November 30, 2015


Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are one of the most common disabilities faced by women on a daily basis. Many men suffer from this condition also. Migraine headaches cause many symptoms along with a throbbing sensation in the head. Pain may be more intense behind the eyes. The patient feels an extreme sensitivity to light and may even experience brief blackouts. Nausea and vomiting are often associated with migraines making it difficult to take the medications. A certain smell, food, or stress can trigger a migraine headache.

Symptoms of migraine headaches can last three to four days. People with migraines find it difficult to function at their jobs. At times a person who suffers intense pain and vomiting with migraines may need hospitalization. In these cases, the migraines can last for three or more days and may not be controlled by medications. In these cases chiropractic has been proven to be benefical.

Treatments for migraines include some pretty strong drug therapies. It also would be benefical to understand and determine some of the ingredients in the foods or drinks that might trigger these migraines such as an unnatural or artifical sweetener. Eliminating these from the diet may lead to a decrease of the migraines. Exercising regularly has also been found to reduce migraine occurrences by decreasing stress. Chiropractors have found by adjusting the first and second bone in your neck this has been proven to help decrease migraine headaches . Other therapies include biofeedback therapy which also is known to reduce stress. Staying on a regular sleep schedule without oversleeping may also help with the frequency of migraines.

A combination of preventative measures such as eliminating food triggers, exercising and following other advice from a chiropractic physician can help to go after the cause of the problem.