November 30, 2015

Lower Back Stiffness

Lower Back Stiffness

Because the back is such an integral part of the body for comfortable movements of the entire body, pain or stiffness in the lower back can severely affect your ability to go about everyday life. Low back stiffness can afflict anyone, of nearly any age. Low back stiffness can lead to reduction in range of movement, severe discomfort while sitting, walking, or standing–or, in fact, in any position, including lying down.

Causes of Low Back Stiffness

Causes of low back stiffness range from simple muscle strain to arthritis. Some common causes of low back stiffness include:

Mattress that is too soft or too hard.
Trauma to the back such as an auto accident, a slip and fall, or just bending and lifting at home.
Problems with the spinal discs that are between the vertebrae, the bones in your spine
Injury to the back or ligaments
Some of these causes are easily treated, but others require the help of a health care professional like a Chiropractor. If you’re experiencing chronic low back stiffness that doesn’t respond to conventional treatment you should consult with a chiropractic physician.

Treatment for Low Back Stiffness

Depending on the root cause of low back stiffness, treatment can vary. Chiropractors go after the cause of the low back stiffness in your spine. Exercising the lower back can be very helpful in relieving low back stiffness. If your back is stiff because of muscle overwork or muscle weakness, exercises can help relieve existing stiffness. Along with chiropractic adjustments and exercises this will help maintain and strengthen the muscles of the lower back.

Using ice, heat, or alternating between the two can also help alleviate low back stiffness. Heat helps loosen tight muscles, which might be contributing to the root cause of low back stiffness. Over-the-counter pain medications and anti-flammatory’s can also be particularly effective as it helps reduce swelling. Be sure to consult with your medical doctor if there’s any possibility these medications might interact with other medications you take regularly.

While low back stiffness isn’t always serious, it can be inconvenient and even debilitating. Taking measures to strengthen your back and consult a doctor of chiropractic if you have chronic issues to help you regain your quality of life.