November 30, 2015

Headaches Due To Sharp Pains

Headaches Due To Sharp Pains

Nothing is worse than the sudden sharp pain of a headache. It may be caused by a chemical imbalance due to stress, food, sensitivity to sunlight or light, or involve your sinuses. Whatever the causes are a person is looking for a fast relief.

There are more and more headache remedies on the market. Aspirin, once the only remedy, works to block pain by entering the bloodstream and blocking the formation of inflammatory prostaglandins which lead to pain, this is how it blocks headache pain. But by blocking these prostaglandins it turns out this will inhibit the cox enzyme (also in the pain pathway), which is essential for kidney function leading to kidney failure. This could be why more and more people are on dialysis due to over medicating. Some other side effects include stomach upset, which is particularly frustrating when you are already dealing with a headache.

Aspirin was then challenged by acetaminophen, which was then challenged by ibuprofen. But long term use of any of these NSAIDS, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are really harmful and can lead to severe bleeding, digestive problems, and kidney damage. Tylenol is the #1 leading cause of liver disease (in fact hospitals make you sign a release form when you receive it, they know it is harmful), ibuprofen is the #1 leading cause of kidney disease, and then there is Aleve, naproxen, which causes both kidney and liver disease.

As a chiropractor practicing in Fleming Island, serving Orange Park and Green Cove Springs, FL, I have had great success in dealing with headaches. We will also address your lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and exercise. Chiropractic has a lot of research on the treatment of headaches. The pain could be due to a misalignment of one or more vertebrae (bones) in your neck, upper, or low back. This will then cause the muscles in your neck, upper back and low back to start to tighten up contributing to your headache. The misalignment is called a subluxation and chiropractors are the only doctors trained in detecting and correcting a subluxation. Contact our office immediately located in Fleming Island, FL, serving Orange Park and Green Cove Springs FL.