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Natural, non-invasive healing that research shows leads to stronger immune systems. Chiropractic is a natural health approach that attacks the root of health issues, not just the symptoms.


Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with the help of an experienced chiropractic physician to personally guide you through the journey to healthier and happier living.


Rejuvenate your damaged cells quickly and painlessly through the latest technology of cold laser light therapy so your body can recover more quickly and you can get back to doing what you love.

Why Dr. June Gentle?

Live the Life You Deserve

You were meant to live a life free from preventable pain, aches, tiredness, and sickness. Unfortunately, we have become exposed to chemically-altered food, dependent on over-prescribed medicine, and strained through a rigorous work schedule. Let Gentle June Chiropractic take you on the journey to a higher quality of living and breathe new energy, vitality, and healing into your body, mind, and soul. Visit Gentle June Chiropractic in Fleming Island today! Accepting patients from Jacksonville and surrounding areas.


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